Freestyle Bouquet (R00)

From $39.90

This is the best bouquet for you if you do not know what to get! Simply let our florists help you out with that.

****Picture shown is just a sample for Regular PLUS+ Size!******

Do note, there are 3 sizes for this bouquet, Regular ($39.90), Regular PLUS+($50.90) and Medium ($62.90), depending on the size you choose, the bouquet will be slightly larger with more flowers.

Size (width):

  • Regular: 20cm – 23cm
  • Regular PLUS+: 22cm – 25cm
  • Medium: 25cm – 28cm
  • Medium Size arrange in wooden box instead of bouquet form? (Last picture shows picture of wooden box)
  • Premium: 28cm – 35cm

If you are looking for something larger than the large option, please check out our Premium Version of our Freestyle Bouquet ($77.90), by Clicking Here or our Deluxe Freestyle Bouquet ($199.90) by Clicking Here !

Do note that the Regular size is approximately like the size in the first picture!

For our Freestyle in Floral Purse (R108)click here!
For our Freestyle in Vase/Jar (R109),click here!

For an even larger version, please check out our Deluxe Freestyle Bouquet ($199.90)!

Your bouquet will be designed based on the description of the special one and the occasion you are giving it for! You may choose the style in the dropdown, ‘Rustic’, Traditional’, ‘Modern’, click here to see the difference between the styles! Customization is strictly not allowed because we only want to use fresh, fresh flowers available for the day!

The thumbnails show just some of our completed Freestyle Bouquets.

You may choose the style of the bouquet according to how you’d like it done, but customisation is STRICTLY not allowed. Requests made to replicate a particular picture in the product images or to use a specific colour or wrapper will not be entertained. All pictures are pure examples of what had been done before. For customisation requests, kindly drop us an e-mail at or call us at +65 6282 2813.

  • Help us make the best bouquet for you! Any information is useful to us!


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