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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I start earning Coins?

Step 1:

Create an account here

Step 2:

While logged in, make your purchase. You should see ‘Earn x Coins’ at the bottom of the item before adding it to Cart. See image below:


how to earn coins

Step 3:

Checkout and make payment.

Step 4:

The Coins would be automatically credited into your account.

2. How do I see how many Coins I have?

Step 1: Sign in to your account 

Step 2: Once you have logged in, select “Coins”.

snip2 1

How to see how much coins I have in my account.

Step 3: After you have selected “Coins”, you will be able to see the total coins you have and the event history of your coins.


How to see coins in my account

3. What can I do with the Coins?

You may use them to offset your future purchases (Refer to FAQ No. 4), or use them to purchase our Exclusive Rewards
(Refer to FAQ No. 5) from our Merchant partners.

4. How to offset future purchases?

Step 1:

Proceed to checkout your cart



Step 2:

On the checkout page, you will see the coins available to offset the purchase. Select “Apply Discount”



Step 3:

After you have selected “Apply Discount”, a pop-up will appear, prompting you how much coins you would like to use to offset for your purchase. You can enter anything between “1” to the number of coins you have. Click “OK”.


Step 4:

After entering the coins you would like to offset, you would be able to see how much discount that is offset in your Cart Totals.
The discount will be automatically applied in the total price.


5. How to redeem exclusive offers?

Step 1:

Head on to our rewards page, Click on the “Redeem Now” button below any of our partners you would like to redeem rewards from!

Step 2:

In the redeem now page, click “ADD TO CART”

Step 3:

Once you have decided to proceed to checkout, you would see that the system has automatically deducted the required Coins to redeem the offer from the amount of coins you have.

Do note that you can still use the remaining amount of coins you have to offset your other purchases.

6. Can I purchase Coins?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Coins. You can only earn Coins by making a purchase with us.

7. How many Coins to use for $1 off future purchases?

You would need 20 Coins for $1 off your future purchases. However, you may choose to use as little as 1 Coin to offset your purchase.

Refer to FAQ No. 4 to see how you can offset your purchase.

8. How do I remove or change the amount of Coins I want to use?

On the right hand side of the checkout page, you will be able to remove the “Coins Redemption”, you can then proceed to reapply the amount of coins you want to offset.



9. Can i redeem coins and apply other coupons in the same purchase?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to redeem coins and apply other discount coupon in the same receipt, as both offers are mutually exclusive.

10. When do my points expire?

Your points expire after 1 year.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Loyalty Rewards Programme offered by Floral Garage Singapore is subjected to a set of terms and conditions, which we reserve the right to change without prior notice, in the best interests of the company.
  • The right to amend terms and conditions includes changing the value of the coins, terminating the coins before stated validity date, changing the details of the Loyalty Rewards Programme or any other changes in order to protect the interests of the company or under circumstances of abuse.