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Prized for its lavish spherical petals, hydrangea easily radiates a demeanor of elegance and abundance. It is used to express love and gratitude for a special someone. Hydrangeas come in different colors, and pink hydrangeas usually mean heartfelt emotions, while purple hydrangeas usually express a deep desire to understand somebody.

Send these beautiful Hydrangea Flower Bouquet to a loved one to express your gratitude and love towards them


Hand Bouquets

Merida (R113)


Baby Breaths

Trio (HY01)



Marchisio (R40)


Hand Bouquets

Brie (L06)


All Flower Arrangements

CNY Floral Arrangement in Vase


Baby Breaths

Poise (BB04)


Fun Gift/Bouquet

Pompous (R80)


All Flower Arrangements

Bloomer (R44)


All Flower Arrangements

Popper (R45)


Hand Bouquets

Pink blossom (R41)


Hand Bouquets

Blu (HY00)