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Prized for its lavish spherical petals, hydrangea easily radiates a demeanor of elegance and abundance. It is used to express love and gratitude for a special someone. Hydrangeas come in different colors, and pink hydrangeas usually mean heartfelt emotions, while purple hydrangeas usually express a deep desire to understand somebody.

Send these beautiful Hydrangea Flower Bouquet to a loved one to express your gratitude and love towards them

Hand Bouquets

Blu (HY00)


Baby Breaths

Trio (HY01)


Chinese New Year Collection

CNY Floral Arrangement in Vase

$388.00 $338.00

Baby Breaths

Poise (BB04)


Fun Gift/Bouquet

Pompous (R80)


Chinese Valentines (七夕)

Bloomer (R44)


Congratulations Flowers

Popper (R45)