Rustic or Modern Bouquet, You Ask?

What is the difference between a Rustic and a Modern Flower Bouquet?

Some of us like ruggedness in a man and gracefulness in a woman.

The key feature of a rustic style is its wildness. It is artistically chaotic and messy, yet attractively
simple. The key feature of a modern style is its elegance. It is more graceful and neat.

Below are some illustrations of the differences in our Signature Freestyle Bouquet and Premium Freestyle Bouquet:

Freestyle Bouquet in Purse

Floral Purse – Rustic

Floral Purse – Modern

Freestyle Bouquet in Wrapping – Rustic

Freestyle Bouquet in wrapping – Modern









Premium Freestyle Bouquet

Premium Freestyle Bouquet – Modern

Premium Freestyle Bouquet – Rustic

Premium Freestyle in Floral Box

Premium Freestyle in Floral Box – Rustic

Premium Freestyle Floral Box

Premium Freestyle Floral Box – Modern


by Floral Garage SG

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