What To Look For When Buying An Artificial Christmas Tree

As the years go buy, more and more people opt to buying artificial Christmas trees instead of live ones. The reason being, live trees tend to just last for the occasion and in a few months they would wither and die off. It gets troublesome to replace the trees year on year, and having an artificial Christmas tree saves you from all that worry. But what would then be the point if you settle for an artificial Christmas tree of poor quality, which would shed and look unappealing anyway?

Picking the right artificial Christmas tree is a skill that comes with experience and knowledge – and today we are here to instill that in you for you to make the right choice this Christmas!

Budget or Premium Christmas trees?

When finding a good artificial Christmas tree, the first question that would pop into our heads is how much are we willing to spend on it. Ideally, we would like this tree to last at least the next decade or two worth of Christmas and New Years at our home before we decide to get something else for a change. When we look at it that way, it becomes more of a good investment than something that you should stinge on.

If you would like the artificial Christmas tree to last you that many years, bearing ornaments, holding lights, and staying in the storage room for most of the year under different weather conditions, then you need to be reasonable on your budget for the tree. Spending less on an artificial Christmas tree is not a sin, and many people make that mistake. But you have to be prepared for the poor quality and how it would definitely not look Christmas-worthy at the end of the fourth or fifth year.

Be wise and make sure you consider Premium artificial Christmas trees in your choice. We don’t mean that they cost a bomb – in fact, they simply cost a little more than poor quality artificial Christmas trees. But at the same time, they are going to last you a lot longer and appear a lot more realistic than budget trees.

Look at the foliage

Foliage, or leafage, is what mainly defines the appearance of the tree. It refers to the density, colour and looks of the needles of a Christmas tree. This is indeed the main element of a Christmas tree and apart from looks, the durability and strength of the foliage also determines what kind of and how many ornaments or lights you can hang on it.

The basic role of an artificial Christmas tree is to act as a replica of a live tree, albeit some artificial Christmas trees are meant to stand out and look out of the box. The only way this can be achieved is through replicating the looks of a thick, fresh and dense foliage. That is exactly why it is important for you to look at this aspect closely.

Examine the artificial tree and check the appearance of the foliage first. Look at the shade of the green it is at, whether it has a plastic-like shine, and then move on to checking how it feels like. At this time, you should also be checking if the needles are strong enough to hold your favourite ornaments. Don’t be shy and feel free to check with the store if you can try to hang on the ornaments available there for you to test it out. It might actually then be a great time to make some ornaments purchase or get some expert opinion on the various arrangements and combinations from the store managers!

Read up about the technology behind artificial Christmas trees


Coming up with true replicas of real trees is definitely not an easy task – that is why plenty of patents have been put up for various types of technology behind such trees. One of such very famous and fail-proof technology is the FirTECT technology.

As the name suggests, Fir is a type of live Christmas tree and this technology adapts on the innate characteristics, traits and appearance of the Fir species of trees to replicate it. This FirTECTtechnology is a complex one which is used to make sure that every single branch of the tree is definitely accompanied with a dense foliage on it. Checking on each individual branch to have a dense, thick and rich foliage ensures that the whole tree is complete with the exact same look.

This technology also makes it a point to ensure that there are a generous number of branches fit into the trunk of each tree. The trees made with this technology are assured to have a special depth that no other artificial Christmas tree has.

FirTECT™ technology truly ensures that your artificial Christmas trees don’t just look like the real deal, but also feel and are durable like the real Evergreens. The FirTECT™ technology is only used to come up with Premium artificial Christmas trees so you won’t be able to reap the benefits of this technology with any budget artificial Christmas tree.

What are some brands of Premium artificial Christmas trees you should look out for in Singapore?

As we mentioned, we strongly encourage purchasing a Premium artificial Christmas tree and one with the FirTECT™ technology would be most value for money, and suitable for Christmas for your lovely home.

Using these simple four-pointers, you can land yourself with a good quality Premium artificial Christmas tree for your family this Christmas and the many ahead.


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