Valentine’s Day Singapore – 4 Great and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts and Flowers

It’s the time of the year again to burst our heads for ideas (and perhaps, our mobile data for Google Searches), just to find a lovely gift for our special someone on Valentine’s Day! While some may prefer a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, others prefer to celebrate it with a special gift that can express their utmost love for their special person.

Receiving a bouquet of flowers to most people is the most romantic gesture that cannot be replaced by any other forms of gifts. It can be difficult to find the perfect flowers at an affordable price with so many Valentine’s Day florists out there. So if you are scratching your head trying to choose from all the options, you are not alone. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of bouquets you can buy now without burning a hole in your wallet!

1. Freestyle Bouquets

Are you one of those that cannot agree on one design? Then the Signature Freestyle Bouquet and Premium Freestyle Bouquet are for you! The freestyle bouquets are the best options for indecisive lovers this Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is to choose a color theme and style and let our experienced florists craft a unique and beautiful bouquet just for you. It would be a little surprise for you as well!

Premium Freestyle Bouquet - Modern 

2. Minimalistic Bouquets

Don’t they look pretty? Our minimalistic bouquets come in a simple and elegant wrapping that brings out the contrast of the roses and flowers. While these dreamy looking bouquets are great for the perfect Instagram shots, they don’t draw too much attention in real life. Check out the White Fantasy if you are a fan of dried blooms! If you prefer fresh roses, then check out Blush!

White Fantasy image (R96)


3. Boxes and Purses

If you are looking for something unconventional this Valentine’s Day, then skip the usual hand bouquets and go for our or a purse! These floral boxes will create a special and memorable Valentine’s Day just for you!



4. Fun and Quirky

Perhaps you are a girl looking to surprise your boyfriend this year? Then check out the Delightful Vegetable Bouquet or our Fruitilicious! It is a popular choice among the girls for their significant other. If not, check out the Envelope Box which is a love letter filled with flowers and fillers! It makes a unique and pretty Valentine’s Day 2019 gift.

Delightful Vegetables (V00)

What to get as a Valentine’s Day gift

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are still looking for a gift, then check out our Valentine’s Day Specials! For those still looking for love, why not check out My One and Only as a gift for yourself? You totally deserve it!

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Get your Valentine’s Day gift early to avoid disappointment! Plus, Floral Garage is offering a 20% early bird discount on all Valentine’s Day Specials till 7th February 2022! With the best and most reliable flower delivery service in Singapore, you can be confident that your Valentine’s Day gift will be delivered smoothly.

Looking to buy something outside the Valentine’s Day period (8th-15th February)? Then click here to head back to our main shop!

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