The Ultimate Wedding Checklist and Timeline Guide

Wedding – A Monumental Milestone

Tying the knot is one of the most important milestones of one’s life. Marriage marks the a new beginning, and it is an intimate union and equal partnership of a man and woman. Planning for such an important occasion may sometimes appear to be daunting and unmanageable. But fret not! We’ve decided to come up with this wedding checklist and timeline guide to help you be sure that you have not missed anything out and that you are perfectly on track. Well of course, you do not have to follow it, and you could reshuffle it based on your preference and priorities.

When Should You Begin Marriage Preparations?

To be entirely safe that nothing goes wrong on your big day, marriage preparations should begin one year before the big day. If you wish to, you could consult a Feng Shui Master to help you with this decision. Basically, he uses the birth date and time of the couple and parents to derive at a precise date for the wedding. If you do not have such beliefs, a weekend is always a fantastic idea.

The Timeline and Checklist

Here is a timeline and checklist that you could follow! Do feel free to send us an e-mail at if you feel we have missed out anything important!

Determine date of solemnisation and wedding.

Reserve your respective wedding officiant (depending on religion and beliefs) and locations for your wedding, reception, and engagement party.

Create a budget for your whole wedding, depending on your preferred size, theme, and venue.

Create a guest list.

Search for wedding ring designs, if applicable

Organise your engagement party.

Start looking for your wedding gown, shoes, and bridesmaids attire. Basically, everyone’s outfits, including the guys! Do not procrastinate!

Book a photographer for a pre-wedding photo shoot. If you like his work, engage him for your actual wedding day as well. Hire a videographer for the actual day too. You would want this memory to last forever!

Search for an emcee or DJ

Search for your caterer. Be sure to arrange for tasting.

Search for décor items. Be sure to check if set-up is included.

Search for your wedding cake, and arrange a date for tasting.

Decide on the bridal car and start to look for rental agencies.

Search for your florist.

Arrange for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Create an album with the best pictures.

Search for volunteers to be your flower girls and page boys.

Insert any last minute guests that you wish to invite. Remember to send them, and everyone else the formal invitation cards!

Schedule an appointment with your make up artist and hairstylist for the following weeks.

Purchase gifts for parents.

Schedule a final appointment for everyone to try out their attire.

Collect rings if necessary.

Confirm your wedding vows.

Arrange for a food tasting session if necessary.

Delegate duties. Transportation, collection, and set up, etc.

Finalise everything mentioned before this line, one more time.

Send out a reminder to all of your vendors to remind them that your wedding is in a month. Basically, your hotel, hairstylist, make up artist, your tailor, people in charge of décor, car rental agency, photographer, videographer, baker, and florist.

Prepare any speeches if applicable.

Decide on your hair-do, make-up, manicure, pedicure, eye-brow trimming and so on. Basically plan on how you want to look with your respective vendors.

Organise a bridal shower.

Plan a rehearsal dinner.

Have a gathering for all attendants and helpers, and confirm their assigned tasks for the big day.

Create an excel sheet to help you keep track on who has responded to your wedding invitation.

Collate your music, slideshows or videos and send it to the person assigned to liaise with the DJ.

Finalise seating plan and order of events. Follow up with a rehearsal.

Ensure that all attire for everyone including yourself has been collected.

Ensure that appointments with your hairstylist and make up artists are set.

Remind all vendors one more time.

Collect your car.

One night before your wedding, get your florist to complete the flower arrangement for your bridal car. You will want to minimise any exposure to sunlight.


And finally, have a good rest and prepare to enjoy the biggest day of your life!


Final Words

Along the way, you might want to allocate some time to plan for your honeymoon. After all, booking your air tickets in advance will save you a lot of money! We hope that you have found this article useful! Thank you so much for reading!

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