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Teacher’s Day Flowers

Get your teachers a teacher’s day flower gift from Floral Garage! 🙂


Flower Types

soleil 2


Easily one of the most uplifting varieties around, sunflowers are cheery and bright while being warm and inviting.
Sunflowers make a great Teacher’s Day gift for your favorite educator in Singapore.
They symbolize loyalty, longevity, and adoration. Because they are considered happy flowers, sunflowers will definitely brighten a teacher’s day.

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juliana 2


A symbol of passion and love, you can’t go wrong by gifting anyone with roses especially during Teachers’ Day in Singapore.
Roses have been given as a gift for hundreds of years. Roses are an ideal gift for a female teacher because of its feminine character.

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BB01 1
Colours of the Wind

Baby’s Breath

Baby breaths often symbolizes innocence and purity, due to it’s white and gentle petals.
Another name for baby breaths is A Million Stars, which makes the baby breaths even more special.
The perfect gift for teachers as it’s a modern favorite!

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An exotic flower hailing from Persia and Turkey, tulips represent perfect love, elegance and grace; making them an ideal gift for private tutors or a teacher who has served as a mentor.
They come in different colors which Floral Garage can customize based on the gender or personality of your teacher.

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mini purple orchid 89
Mini Purple Potted Orchid


Signifying luxury, love, virility, and beauty, orchids are ideal for both male and female teachers.
Orchids are highly coveted as one of the most beautiful ornamental flowers around, and can last a long time so you don’t have to worry about it wilting on a teacher’s desk or at home.

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gerberas and carnations bouquet g06
Mixed Gerberas and Carnations Bouquet


Another bright and uplifting flower, carnations symbolize fascination, love, and distinction.
These are thought to be one of the oldest cultivated flower varieties in the world; ideal gift for an extraordinary teacher whom you want to show your appreciation for.

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Potted Flowers and Flower Baskets

If you’d like to request flowers to be delivered to a school, we recommend opting for potted version or flowers that are in baskets. This way, teachers don’t have to worry about looking for a container to display them in while in school. Flowers in pots or baskets also make it easier for teachers to transport them home should they wish to keep it.

Flower Bouquets, Hampers, Terrariums

Don’t know what to get? If you are looking for Teacher’s Day gift ideas in Singapore, don’t worry – we have a team of professional florists who are more than happy to design a present that suits the occasion and the individual teacher. Have a look at the freestyle bouquet options below.

The flowers used for freestyle bouquets are selected based on the freshest, most beautiful blossoms of the day. All you need to do is tell us more information about the teacher you’d like to give it to so that we can create something special for them based on their personality, age, gender, and other additional details you think we’d need to make it as unique as possible. You can also let us know if there are colors or wrappers that you prefer to avoid, and our florists will take care of the rest.

  • Freestyle Bouquet: This bouquet is around 20x25cm across, and around 35-40cm high. The Freestyle Bouquet is created based on the recipient and the occasion; you can also choose a style such as Modern, Rustic, or Traditional.
  • Premium Freestyle Bouquet: This bouquet is larger and more extravagant than the Freestyle Bouquet. It can also be customized based on a Modern, Rustic, or Traditional Style.

If you want to customise/modify your hampers, please contact us.
If you want to get something small and cute, we also have terrariums and mini baby breath bouquets!

Flower Color Meanings

Flowers also have different associations depending on their color. Here are some flower color meanings that can help you choose the right flower for Teacher’s Day:

single stalk daisy fgsg

Blue: serenity, calmness
Purple: respect, admiration, luxury
Yellow: joy, happiness, cheer
White: purity, innocence
Red: passion, love
Green: optimism
Pink: grace, elegance, happiness
Orange: energy, confidence, fun
Lavender: femininity


With all the options available, it might get overwhelming to choose the right flower for a teacher.
Feel free to WhatsApp or drop us an email today so that we can put together the appropriate flowers for your favorite teacher or tutor for Teacher’s Day in Singapore.
Contact us to order in bulk – you can expect more discount!