7 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Singapore!

7 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Singapore!

Racking your brains for date ideas with your other half on Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re new to this or an experienced veteran, anyone can use these ideas to enjoy a romantic date with your beloved! (Well, unless you’re single…)

1. Enjoy a sumptuous and romantic meal!

white rose bouquet in vase with three tealight candle votives on round brown wooden table

Good food equals good mood! Who doesn’t love good food? Not only will a savory and romantic meal with your partner spice things up between both of you, it will also provide the much-needed energy for whatever activities you guys have planned for the day!

2. Visit iLight Festival

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What spells romantic more than a night walk among light art installations? You can look forward to an enhanced experience this year as the festival will extend beyond Marina Bay to include the Civic District, Singapore River and Raffles Terrace at Fort Canning.

3. Visit Singapore’s offshore islands

Image result for pulau ubin

Well, if you’re both bored of the city life in Singapore and seeking a small getaway, no worries! There are several offshore islands such as Pulau Ubin, Lazarus Island, Pulau Hantu, Sisters’ Islands, Kusu Island and St John’s Island where you and your loved one can visit! These are the ideal places to have a picnic and relax on the beach. Moreover, you can even go snorkeling or diving in the crystal clear lagoons!

4. Visit pet cafes!

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What could a better date for a pair of pet-lovers? A date with furry and adorable pets of course! There are several dog and cat cafes that you can visit on this special day with your beloved. Way to create sweet and fun memories together!

5. Go ice-skating!

shoe white ice romance sports equipment winter sport sneakers footwear ice skating ice rink figure skate hockey skate ice arena learn to skate

The slippery ice-rink is bound to bring you two closer to each other 😉 After all, what could be more romantic than falling down together and struggling to help each other up?

6. Go star-gazing in Singapore

cluster of stars in the sky

What could be a better way to end off the date than to lay down beside each other and gaze at the stars? (or each other’s eyes!) The various parks in Singapore such as Botanic Gardens, Changi Beach, West Coast Park and Labrador Park are great places to view the stars on a romantic Valentine’s Date!

7. Watch a movie

people sitting on chair

And if you’re both movie-lovers, catching a movie at the cinema wouldn’t be a bad idea at all! From romance to horror to mystery, there are many heart-pounding and eye-catching choices to pick from!

Excited for Valentine’s Day? It’s time to shop for some Valentine’s Day gift! Whether it’s the romantic rose bouquet or the fun Vegetable Bouquet, you can be sure to find something for him/her! Order early to avoid disappointment as most bouquets will go out of stock!

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Valentine’s Day Singapore – 4 Great and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts and Flowers

Valentine's Day Singapore | Valentine's Day Flowers | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It’s the time of the year again to burst our heads for ideas (and perhaps, our mobile data for Google Searches), just to find a lovely gift for our special someone on Valentine’s Day! While some may prefer a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, others prefer to celebrate it with a special gift that can express their utmost love for their special person.

Receiving a bouquet of flowers to most people is the most romantic gesture that cannot be replaced by any other forms of gifts. It can be difficult to find the perfect flowers at an affordable price with so many Valentine’s Day florists out there. So if you are scratching your head trying to choose from all the options, you are not alone. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of bouquets you can buy now without burning a hole in your wallet!

1. Freestyle Bouquets

Freestyle Bouquet

Premium Freestyle Bouquet

Are you one of those that cannot agree on one design? Then the Signature Freestyle Bouquet and Premium Freestyle Bouquet are for you! The freestyle bouquets are the best options for indecisive lovers this Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is to choose a color theme and style and let our experienced florists craft a unique and beautiful bouquet just for you. It would be a little surprise for you as well!

2. Minimalistic Bouquets

Don’t they look pretty? Our minimalistic bouquets come in a simple and elegant wrapping that brings out the contrast of the roses and flowers. While these dreamy looking bouquets are great for the perfect Instagram shots, they don’t draw too much attention in real life. Check out the White Fantasy if you are a fan of dried blooms! If you prefer fresh roses, then check out Blush!

3. Boxes and Purses


If you are looking for something unconventional this Valentine’s Day, then skip the usual hand bouquets and go for our flowers in a box or a purse! These floral boxes will create a special and memorable Valentine’s Day just for you!

4. Fun and Quirky

Delightful Vegetables

Perhaps you are a girl looking to surprise your boyfriend this year? Then check out the Delightful Vegetable Bouquet or our Fruitilicious! It is a popular choice among the girls for their significant other. If not, check out the Envelope Box which is a love letter filled with flowers and fillers! It makes a unique and pretty Valentine’s Day 2019 gift.

What to get as a Valentine’s Day gift

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are still looking for a gift, then check out our Valentine’s Day Specials! For those still looking for love, why not check out My One and Only as a gift for yourself? You totally deserve it!

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Get your Valentine’s Day gift early to avoid disappointment! Plus, Floral Garage is offering a 10% early bird discount on all Valentine’s Day Specials till 7th February 2020! With the best and most reliable flower delivery service in Singapore, you can be confident that your Valentine’s Day gift will be delivered smoothly.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him – How hard is to pick a gift for your special him?

Shopping for the ‘Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him’ is comparably more tedious than it is for woman. Woman love to do shopping but what if it is for valentine’s day? It is not that easy to pick a gift for him. As men do not use a lot of accessories or materials.

Let him be an astute businessman or a food traveler or a teenager a simple floral bouquet or a Fun and Quirky Vegetable Bouquet or Fresh Fruit Bouquet done exclusively by his partner will get him speechless. There are tons of options in the market when it comes to flowers and gifts. But picking the right one for your right one is more important!

Flower Bouquets are very common among lovers. Also, all the floral boutiques and florists give a discount for all the early birds out there. This helps you save for the big gift you can buy him without any regrets. There are floral bouquets like Blue 10 which are worth a try. Instead of the usual roses and tulips you can go in for a Bright Sunflower  which are also great as they are not girlish as most men’s say.

Mini Espresso machines are every guys favorite now. You can get them online and they are quite affordable as well. Also, do not forget the rich Coffee beans that are available in The Coffee Bean, Starbucks and other cold Storage.

Wallets might be a much bolder step. Not all men like leathers and each man are unique when it comes to wallets. So, you should know in advance what is your partners choice of style and color when it comes to a wallet. Beware Wallets are something a man is going to look every now and then. So, his comfortableness is what matters. Also, the brand. Let it be a sturdy one so that it lasts longer!

Saplings are a great choice too. To those women who do not know what to gift your partner whom you have just started seeing, the saplings are a great choice. You can actually offer them some some orchid saplings or any other saplings as per your budget. But do make sure to know his interests on plants. Most of the guys feel yard work and gardening are healthier and funnier leisure time work this should be a greater option that can ease out your stress in selecting a gift.

Leather Jackets are also an option. But these are for those women out there who know about their partners size and fabric texture they like. It however requires a little time. Branded leather jackets can be more expensive so if you really wish to gift them this then see to that you have a good budget limit.

Jersey is an option when you can afford to buy the authentic/real one. Fake ones aren’t cool and they are a total disappointment. Beware you should book them in advance in online for the delivery to be on time.

Backpacks are worth a try. If your partner is more of a backpack person then gifting him with a branded pleasant color backpack is much of a great option.

Perfumes or Body Mist can also be a good option. Know what brand and scent your man likes. Do not buy some flower-scented perfumes or mist that he cannot wear. Try buying some professional and international brands like Adidas, Jaguar, Oceanic Expedition etc.

Travel Kit which comprises of a travel pillow and sheets, travel gloves, travel perfumes, hair gel, face wash, deodorant, shaving accessories and his choice of after-shave etc. is going to worth it. For people who lived years together or been seeing each other for more than a year yes, this is worth a try! If you have just started to date then wouldn’t recommend this.

Are you on a low budget? You are a teenager who does not have a lot of savings?

Do not waste time and money in buying your partner a teddy bear, chocolates, key-chains, face-creams etc. We suggest a few ‘Valentine’s day Gift ideas For him’ in affordable price.

Flowers come here for your rescue! Yes, check our store Floral Garage SG for some cheap and affordable flower bouquet collections. As mentioned earlier early birds get a discount too. Which saves a couple of your bucks end of the day.

Sports Equipment can also be an option. If your partner is more into sports then buy him his favorite sports accessories or equipment that falls in your budget.

Laptop covers, accessories and mobile accessories are another brilliant option for you girls. It is easy as you already know the brand of his laptop/mobile. So, getting the dimensions right should be easier.

Coffee Mugs from Starbucks or other branded ones are also a great option. You also get your partners and your image printed on mugs. These should also be a memorable one.

T-Shirts are kind of tricky to pick. So, if you are not sure whether he will like a t-shirt that you have chosen, consult his friend or get some assistance from the staff in the shop. Key points to remember is the texture of the fabric and the color. Do not buy a funky colored t-shirt or a non-cotton one.

Sneakers are also a best option provided you have some decent budget. As mentioned earlier, try to save up on flowers by ordering them online and on-time. A decent sneaker will not disappoint you. Or buy his favorite brand so that it becomes a win-win for you both.

Couple T-Shirts are more trendier and they are easily available online in many of the sites. And they do ship it so soon this valentine’s season.

Photo Frame with your partners and your picture on it should be fine. There are so many shops in Singapore who does that instantly and it should not take you long. And it is more affordable.

A flower bouquet should go with any gift be it small or large; cheap or costly. Flowers are always pretty and they add merry to the moment.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her – How do you find the shopping? Easy or Difficult?

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her can be more difficult with a lot of options. And shopping is truly a hectic task as it often falls on working days and you never get the time to do a shopping. It gets even more trickier when you do not know what to buy given an option which is so huge to choose from.

Gift ideas differs much when it comes to the ‘just started’ dating couples out there and for couples who have crossed their years of togetherness. There are quite a lot of e-commerce sites selling gifts out there. But is it really that simple to choose a gift for your better half?

Having considered all the difficulties and hassles men face in buying their girlfriends or better half’s gifts, we have made a list of gift ideas. We suggest you some of the best gift ideas which you can give and impress her. We have made it even more simpler for you by suggesting gifts for different age groups.


Gift Ideas for Teenage and 20’s Woman:

Pretty Flowers for pretty young ladies. Yes! They are one of the most beautiful and common way to express your love, care and gratitude irrespective of age and gender. Red roses are something girls adore. The craziness for those flowers are never ending among girls.

Make Up accessories can be purchased without any least bit of hesitance. To be on the safer side purchase any decent lip color or nail colors. But do get suggestions from the service folks at the store. Eye make up can be bought without any assistance though!

Coffee Mugs with their name or picture can also be as an additional gift in the hamper. But again, this should only be an ‘additional’ gift and not a main gift!

Chocolates who doesn’t like a chocolate? And FerreroRocher? Time to upgrade. Rocher bouquet is a innovative and cute gift which surely will be a huge hit among girls as it also has the chocolate along flowers.

Heart shaped soft toys are still on the list! Yes, you got me right these soft toys are every girls favorite. So give it a shot without worrying. They are valentine’s Day special at the store and are very much affordable.

Soft toys like Teddy Bears are a great option to start with. They can be considered as an add-on to the red rose.

Greeting Cards are very common. So, it is very easy to design one by yourself. You can watch the tutorials readily available on the internet. Ofcourse, the cards which are handmade are worth more than the ones at shops! A simple card should do wonders.

So the conclusion is you can opt for a bouquet that fits your budget along with a gift as an add-on. As teenagers, the budget size will be lesser but the options will however fit your budget! And most importantly buy her a handy bouquet so that she can carry it with ease.

Gift Ideas for Woman under 40’s:

Modest Flower Bouquets which looks meek and modest is their choice of preference. Red roses go with them. And men out there who want to really impress their girlfriends try some 99 Roses, Beauteous, Red Rose Floral Box, enchanted rose etc. Check this link for more options.

A customized vase  for those elegant flowers will also be adored. Vases that have intricate work will be slightly costly but it is worth it!

Perfumes and Body Mist are some of the most desirous among these age women. So, choosing the right brand and the likeness of odor is something that is of vital importance here and this will save you from disappointing.

Wallets and other luxury hand bags or bag accessories are also an option. But branded bags are not as affordable as we may think. So, if you have a lose budget then go ahead and purchase a handbag. But again ‘branded’ is the keyword here.

A Necklace should be decent enough for your partner. Buy the choice of her gem and gift her. Let it express your love and care for her.

To put the conclusion in a nutshell, A decent Red Rose Bouquet along with a branded item should save your day!!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her- Woman in their 50’s and above:

Elegant Flower bouquets or floral arrangements for those gorgeous ladies. Floral Bouquets are most convenient and attractive as it is a universal fact that every single woman in the globe enjoys red rose more than anything.

A Jewelry set which comes with a small diamond or pearl pendant attached to a neck string and a pair of matching diamond or pearl ear stud. As Valentine’s Day is nearing many stores give offer and they are sold at affordable rate. What more could you ask for than a bright smile from her face on the day?

You can as well opt in for some floral arrangement with a vase or floral box which are slightly expensive yet more traditional and convenient to use. Hide your choice of gift among those flowers in the floral box and she will be more than happy to locate the gift.

Gifts are loved by any woman irrespective of their age. It is all the more special when they receive it from their loved ones. A simple flower bouquet and a Jewelry set will not be too much for their never ending moral support.

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