Mini Liquor Bouquet

From $98.80

For people who prefer practical gifts, what’s better than receiving the best of both world?

Liquor to drink, flowers to see. Perfect gift for both the guys and ladies! No more dilemma of choosing between them both! What’s a better idea than sending your loved ones some liquor and flowers at the same time? Both in one bouquet, save the hassle!

You have 2 sizes to choose from:

Symposium (7 bottles) – $118.90

Jingled (5 bottles) – $98.80

As pictured is our Symposium, in 7 bottles. 



By purchasing this product, you officially declare that you and the recipient are 18 years old and above. Making a false declaration shall be a criminal offence.

Please note that certain flowers and fillers may be seasonal and therefore have limited availability. Floral Garage Singapore reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive.


Add-ons total:


Earn up to 118 Coins.