Freestyle Hydrangea Bouquet (HY02)

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Fresh Hydrangea with Gorgeous fillers! Premium and grand looking

  • 45 cm height X 30 cm width (approximate size)
  • Hydrangea color will be up to the florist! If you need a specific color, kindly contact us!

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Let us help you out if you are not sure of what to get! Our florists will craft a creative HYDRANGEA bouquet to suit your needs based on the occasion and who the recipient is!

You may choose the style of the bouquet according to how you’d like it done, but customisation is STRICTLY not allowed because we only want to use fresh hydrangea flowers available for the day! Requests made to replicate a particular picture in the product images or to use a specific colour or wrapper will not be entertained. All pictures are pure examples of what had been done before. For customisation requests, kindly drop us an e-mail at or call us at +65 6282 2813.

Rest assured, this Hydrangea bouquet will definitely turn out to be beautiful!

Please note that certain flowers and fillers may be seasonal and therefore have limited availability. Floral Garage Singapore reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive.

  • Help us make the best bouquet for you! Any information is useful to us!


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