Delightful Vegetables (V00)

From $64.90

Fantastic Vegetable Bouquet, perfect as a light-hearted gift for PANDEMICS, graduations, concerts or birthdays!

To keep healthy during this Covid period, you can even cook the vegetables and eat them afterwards!


Regular Size

Width*Height: 25cm*35cm

Medium Size

Width*Height: 23cm*26cm

Large Size

Width*Height: 50cm*70cm

Click here for a Fantastic Fruit Bouquet instead! Better yet, buy both for double the vitamins and nutrients!

Please note that the vegetables are subjected to availabilty. Floral Garage Singapore reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive. No customizations are allowed.

Wines are only available with Large Sized Bouquet. (Picture 3)

PS: Please take note that the wine may not be the exact same brand as the one on the picture. It will depend on the stocks on hand at our side. If the wine in the picture is not available, we will replace it with a premium wine of similar or higher value.


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