Freestyle Condolence Stand (Box/Tripod) – Small (FF20)



Usually, white will be the main colour theme as white symbolises sympathy and condolence. However, we may mix in pastel colours like light pink/purple or even normal yellow where white is not fresh and/or available and/or sufficient in stock.

This budget freestyle condolence stand is SMALL size. Please refer to picture for size approximation – about 160cm in height and 80cm wide. Box or Tripod stand is included, but design will may not be the same as the picture.

Click here for the MEDIUM size and the LARGE size.

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Please note that customization is strictly not allowed because we only want to use fresh, fresh flowers available for the day!

Upon checkout, you will be able to type in a personalised NOTE under the ‘Complimentary Gift Card’ field. You will have to select ‘Yes’, and proceed to type down what you would like to say in the following field below.

For Condolence Flower Stands, we will not shorten the note if it is too long, but it might look unpleasant if the words are too small and cluttered. We advice you to keep the note within a 300 character limit.

The note will be prepared and laminated in our own template, on an A4 sized paper.




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