Bridal Car Decorations Door Handle Ribbons (FROM $160 ONWARDS) (WED09)

From $180.00

Simple Car Deco ($180)
SAMPLE PICTURE: PICTURE 2 from left. (White car with pink theme flowers)

Simple Car Deco (Artificial flowers) $180
Picture 3. (on black car)

Premium Car Deco (Artificial flowers) $260
Comes with Door Handle Ribbons
Sample pictures of Premium – Picture 4, 5, 6

Deluxe Car Deco (Artificial flowers)  $320
Comes with Door Handle Ribbons
Sample pictures of Deluxe – 7($320) and 8($300)

Flowers with ribbon on door handles $20
Sample picture – Picture 9

Sample of Premium bridal car deco – $280 (Picture 10)
Sample of add on back sash – $60 (Simple car deco) Picture 11

Please ensure that there is no wax or polish on the car before the set up as the flowers may not be able to stay on well if there is wax or polish. Kindly wash your car (normal wash) to ensure that it is clean from any wax before coming. Thank you!

Please take note that the arrangements and decorations are fresh flowers. Please order and arrange for the deco at least one day before to keep the flowers fresh.
Unless it’s artificial flowers, you can choose to do a few days before as you wish.

Please note that certain flowers and fillers may be seasonal and therefore have limited availability. Floral Garage Singapore reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive.

Thank you!

Any questions please whatsapp us at 65 9387 8871.

  • For eg, you selected red for main theme. You would like red and white flowers, you can pick white colour option here



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Earn up to 520 Coins.

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