Awesome Sixsome (R21)

From $49.90

Awesome Sixsome

For those of you who have heard of conveying a message with the number of Roses in your bouquet: giving six Roses means “I Love You”, “I Miss You” or sending out a message of your love and the need to cherish your loved one. Giving six Roses is a pleasant gesture, with not too much nor too little for your recipient, there is just enough of a handful of beauty to make their day. Looking for more than just a simple Valentine’s Day? Perk these gorgeous blossoms up to 12 Roses to pop the question to your loved one!

Please note that certain flowers and fillers may be seasonal and therefore have limited availability. Floral Garage Singapore reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive.

Make it special!
Choose to upgrade to 12 roses for an additional $30!

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Earn up to 90 Coins.