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When your loved one is ill or injured, naturally you would want to show your care and concern by presenting them with a Get-Well Soon Hampers or visiting them with one. This means that you hope for his or her recovery to be a speedy one. However, there may be instances where you are not in proximity to visit, and mailing a get-well soon card or order an get-well soon hampers online might seem to take forever to reach them.

In such cases, it is conventional to send a bundle of wonderful blossoms, coupled thoughtful treats to brighten up the hospital room which looks depressingly dull and let the hospitalized party know they are loved. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing get-well soon bouquets.

Flowers can work wonders by uplifting the moods and spirits of any person. It creates a sense of goodness and acts as a catalyst in spreading good vibes. Also, when a floral arrangement is next to an ill person then by looking into those fresh flowers the mind gets all the energy needed and starts to heal and get well soon. “Get well soon” cards and chocolates do play a part in the self-heal process but it is the flower and its freshness that plays a vital part in creating a splendid atmosphere.

Though you are overseas and you cannot make it to the hospital or place the sick person is, a simple gesture made by sending the sick person a get-well soon bouquet or hamper is going to make their day all the more happy. It makes them feel good as someone really cares and loves them deeply no matter where they are and in how much ever distance they are.

Floral Color

The purpose of sending flowers is to brighten up the day and surrounding environment. Thus, the blooms should be colorful and bright. Bright colors are more attractive and impressive and they are more livelier. They are also eye catching among any age groups.

While sending a bouquet of white roses could seem a little too dull or even funerary, sending a bouquet of colorful blossoms such as Gerber daisies can definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. Bright colors are often considered to be attractive and fresh when compared to some dull color flowers. Also, when sending flowers to beloved ones or sick person it is always best to send them a bunch of bright colored gorgeous flowers.

However, graduation flowers should definitely be a bunch of bright as it signifies bright color future ahead and wishing them all luck with all brightness. Your florists will be able to give you recommendations based on what blooms are in season. Florists will also recommend the type and color of flowers when the occasion is mentioned. This should help us pick the right flower in the right time with all the more support.

Floral Scents

Scents of the flowers or the floral odor plays yet an important role other than the colors. In general, when sending flower arrangements to a hospitalized party, it is best to avoid getting flowers with strong scents. Offending a person who is sensitive to smells is the last thing you want to do. If your loved one who is injured is recuperating at home, use your own best judgment. You can very well get advice from the florist and do mention them about the allergies for certain odor or likeness of specific odor.

The florists will guide you choose or you can even get the matter googled and learn by yourself. However certain scents are preferred and certain odors are best to be avoided. In the case of sending an floral arrangement to a hospital the best suited flowers are sunflowers, roses, tulips etc. as they do not smell a lot.

Personal choice of Preference

If you happen to already know what type of flowers the recipient likes, there is no reason not to select what he or she likes, provided they are available. If you are unsure, you can hardly go wrong with bouquets or flower arrangements centered on roses. Roses are everybody’s favorite be it an elderly person or a teenager. So rose bouquets are quite common and easily accessible. The gorgeous rose bouquets are never tiring ones. And yes, those flowers are a little cheaper than those orchids and other expensive flowers. If your too unsure of the flowers then fruit hampers are a great choice too.

Seasonal flowers tends to be a little costlier than the ones that bloom through out the year. Roses are one such variety. Easily accessible and easily maintainable. But having that, the choice of flowers are always your preference and your recipients preference. You cannot send some flower whose odor is allergic to the recipient though!

If you do not know what the person likes or if you have no idea about which flower to choose then it is better to take opinion or get advice from the florists or your friends. Trust friends know us better than ourselves. Getting an option or opinion is no way going to disrupt infact it will only help us a ton.


Cost is also an important part while buying or choosing flowers and the hampers. There are hampers which includes flowers, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, wine etc. But yes, the more you add on to the hamper the more it is going to cost you. But you can be economical as well by choosing the right products in your hamper. Take a look at the Hampers for example. Be more creative.

Of course, when calculating the cost for the blossoms, don’t forget to include the delivery charges involved. Whatever budget you set, for example, $50, $70 or $100, or portion is to be deducted for the delivery charge as well.

Age Group

Yes, age group matters and the products you choose equally matters. You cannot present a get-well soon hamper with wine and flowers to a kid who met with an accident and is hospitalized. And so you choose chocolates, cookies and flowers. There are chocolate hampers available for this purpose. Fruits is not necessary unless it falls within your budget. When you send a get-well soon hamper to an elderly patient who is a diabetic, see to that you add flowers and some diabetic friendly fruits and cookies only. Here wine, biscuits and chocolates are of no use. So age group and the condition of the person really matters.

Take some time and think about their age group and their other illness any and then choose the hamper set. It is useless to spend bucks if it is not going to be of any use to them. Including flowers. A kid will enjoy roses but a matured person will admire a lot more variety. So age group matters to a larger extent. When choosing a product online, do interact with the customer service people and there is no harm hearing their suggestions. May be they will provide with a better solution and give you an impressing option.

Timing does matter to a large extent

Timing is a key aspect when it comes to sending the flowers or hampers especially when they are hospitalized. Main reason however is because you are not sure that whether the person has got discharged from the hospital and gone home or transferred to another hospital or not. These uncertainties cause a lot more stress both financially and mentally. Same day delivery ensures you can get the bouquet of beautiful blossoms to your loved one with great immediacy. However, you might want to consider holding back on flower delivery.

There are also options for ‘specific time delivery’. Mostly we do not make use of such options as it tends to be slightly on the costlier edge. So we end up choosing the same day delivery or the standard delivery. So when you are planning to send some hampers or flower arrangements to your loved ones be sure where they are else provide the florists with the address and mention the time. Add details and those delivery people will be thankful for the extra details so provided and they will do a very safe delivery.

It is also a better choice to provide the recipients hand phone number so that the delivery becomes easy and smooth. When a transaction ends smoothly then it means less trouble for everybody. And after-all these online sites are for us to choose and pay then sit back and relax without any tension.

Why so? This is because most people send flowers almost immediately. Whether or not the recipient is recuperating is hospital or at home, he or she may receive an abundance of flowers from their friends or relatives too, which will all wither at the same time. And those flower arrangements sent to the hospital rooms may be thrown away when the patient checks out from the hospital.

You can also add a note for delivery to a different address in case the recipient is not available at the said address and attach the address. But yes, those delivery folks are going to charge you extra for the re-delivery. But it is worth it as you are doing it for the sick and your loved one. When the recipient receives it he or she is going to be happy and this proves the money that was spent was worth it and the trouble was equally worth it.

Thus, scheduling the delivery of flowers a few days later may not always be a bad idea as it allows your loved one to enjoy the beautiful and gorgeous flower arrangement longer; especially if he or she has a long recovery ahead. You may also consider sending potted plants instead of a bouquet if you think that he or she is capable of watering the plants. This can extend the lift of your get-well soon gift.

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