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Silver Alphabet Balloons (16in) (B01)


Product Specifications

Available Alphabets: A to Z

Colour: Silver

Height When Inflated: 16 inches / 35 cm

Before you place an order for this product, please note the following:

These balloons are not meant to be inflated with helium.

These balloons are to be inflated with normal air and they do not have to be heat sealed. These balloons come with an auto seal function and it can be inflated with more air should air begin to escape after a few days.

These balloons can stay fully inflated for 8-12 hours.

They can be pasted on the wall with simple adhesives or double sided tape.

Important – Please also do take note of the difference between the letter ‘H’ and ‘N’, they may look similar:

Difference Between 'H' and 'N'

Difference Between ‘H’ and ‘N’

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For orders of multiple alphabets, simply select your desired alphabet in the drop down below, enter the quantity needed, and click on ‘ADD TO CART’. Then, do it again for the following alphabets!


Earn up to 4 Coins.


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