CIO+ Fermented Fruit Drink

TRIO VITA originates from the mission to promote the fermentation of
greens, with the aim to achieve a sustainable platform for healthy
lifestyle. With our exclusive research and development team, we
pledge to deliver the best on products and innovation that keeps
abreast with the industrial bloom.
Our brand new creation, Cio+®, is a blissful drink that complements
healthy lifestyle. It comes with a uniquely pleasant that is much loved
by all, regardless of age and gender

Types of Enzymes and their Benefits

Pineapple 凤梨
Your Natural Body Shaper 帮你塑造好身材
Pineapples are natural rich in enzymes that catabolize protein,
which help in digestion after meals.

Passion Fruits 百香果
Pure Beauty Bliss 帮你养颜又美
Passion fruits consist of 17 essential amino acids, which promote
metabolism and detoxication.

Apple 苹果
Acid Base Buffer 维持酸碱平衡
Apples neutralize excessive acid substances, which then
enhance immunity.

Lychee 荔枝
Enhance Body’s Immune Function 增强机体免疫功能
Immune Booster Lychee provides you with enough Vitamin C and
proteins to help you in disease resistance.



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