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Know someone who is grieving and want to express your condolences through flowers, with something simple? Check out our range of sympathy flowers to console your loved ones from only $39.90, with free same day delivery.


Affordable Birthday Flowers

Freestyle in Vase/Jar (R109)

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Hand Bouquets

Lauren (R29)


Funeral Flowers | Condolence Wreaths

Condolence Stand – Small (FF23)


Hand Bouquets

Blu (HY00)


Congratulations Flowers

Deluxe Freestyle Bouquet (FA06)

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Fun Gift/Bouquet

Pompous (R80)


Calla Lily

Grace (L34)


Flower Arrangements

Ellia (R52)


Hand Bouquets

Brie (L06)


Chinese New Year Collection

Mini White Potted Orchid (O3)


Baby Breaths

Poise (BB04)


Calla Lily

Freya (L07)


Flower Arrangements

Windsor (O4)