Orchard florist – Why there is no Florist in Orchard worthy of our time


Orchard Florists for the Perfect Bouquet for your Date?

Although there are many florists in Orchard, none of them is worth the visit and I will tell you why.

Orchard Road, or informally known as Orchard to us Singaporeans, is one of the best and bustling shopping districts in Singapore. Amid all the shopping centres like ION Orchard Mall, Paragon Shopping Centre and Ngee Ann City, it can be a chore looking for a reputable florist in Orchard. Florist shops are usually small and cosy, and it can be difficult to find especially if it is nestled in a small corner of the shopping mall.

That is not any cause for worry, because we at Floral Garage Singapore deliver flowers to Orchard Road on the same day you order your flowers! We can be your Orchard Florist 🙂

Ion Orchard

ION Orchard has been rated the best shopping centre in some circles. If you are visiting Orchard, you MUST visit there. One of the reasons it is so popular is because of its fine architecture and buzzing atmosphere brought about by shoppers in the latest fashion and trendy-looking stores.

But is there a reputable ION Orchard Florist to pop by and get some flowers for your date before meeting her there?

There probably is one but why go through the hassle of running around ION Orchard finding the shop when you can have the perfect bouquet delivered to the restaurant your date is at?

Why should you not bother visiting any other Florist in Orchard before your date? Here are 5 solid reasons.

  • Human Traffic is Horrendous

Whether it is the weekday or the weekend, Orchard Road will always be filled with people of all ages, trying to fulfill their own respective agendas for the day. Do you really want to fight the crowd an hour before your special date? Especially in the Singapore’s humid weather? I doubt so.

  • Inescapable Traffic Jam in Singapore

Due to the large volume of people visiting Orchard, it would only make sense that the traffic would be congested as shoppers drive in and out of Orchard Road. Although you would be able to view the traffic conditions through various Singapore traffic websites, there might be some unforeseen circumstances that might hinder your planned timeline. That’s a risk you shouldn’t take especially when you have a date planned after procuring the bouquet.

  • Unaffordable Price of Flowers

The cost to rent a space in Orchard Road could go up to a 5-digit amount and that’s excluding electricity and water bills. Because flowers require a lot of care and water to maintain its freshness and beauty, Orchard florists would have to increase the price far beyond the bouquet is actually worth to be able to ensure the safety of their finance.

  • Flowers might not be in stock

A flower shop not having the flowers you were looking for? How disappointing… Imagine hoping to get fresh red roses for your date from the physical store and they inform you that it is out of stock. Even if they have ordered the flowers on the spot, it would still take a while for it to arrive.

  • Time consuming

Most flower shops are located in a secluded area such as the corner of the mall. It doesn’t help that most malls in Orchard Road are very large and easy to get lost in. If you are anything like me, horrible with directions, it would take you forever to find the shop even with the directory.

So how can I get flowers in Orchard Road?

The question is not how you can get flowers in Orchard Road, but how you can get flowers to Orchard Road. If you have a date in Orchard Road, would you rather be running around finding an Orchard florist or spending time with your loved one? Probably the latter.

What should you do then? Let us be your courier! We’ll deliver it either to you or the recipient themselves! We do same day delivery thus, if your date is at 5.30pm, you can still place your order on our website at 1.30pm and receive the bouquet within the stipulated time.

It is fuss-free and we can ensure that you would receive the most reasonable and affordable price!

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