Mommy’s Love is the Greatest: non-profit floral workshop for low-income mommies

Part of Floral Garage’s success story is our willingness to give back to society. Conducting workshops with the help of some volunteers and helping the needy and less fortunate people have always been on our agenda.

In 2015, as a part of our Christmas project, we collaborated with the Cotlands -a non-profit early childhood development organization. We came up with an idea of promoting and selling one of our best-sellers for slightly cheaper price and thereby donating the entire profits between November 25 to December 25, 2015. To read more about why we chose this project and the racial disparity in South Africa please read the article on “Our profits are going to Africa to make some children smile this Christmas. Here’s how you can be a part of it”.

Most of us are so much fortunate enough and have everything like food, education, people to care of and people who take care of us etc. But we do know that all these aren’t got easily and are achieved with a lot of sacrifice and hard-work. Now that we are fortunate enough we can help less fortunate people and make them get the basic needs and hygiene.

Over the past years, we have helped raise funds for animal shelters and donated materials for flag days. There are a lot of stray cats and dogs in Singapore. But with the support of volunteers these animals are now well fed and taken care of. To read more about this article, and to check the type of animal bouquets and arrangements our team came up with to raise the fund, please read the article on “We’re giving more profits away- To animal lovers league, a no kill shelter for abandoned, sick, injured dogs and cats”!

These less fortunate dogs were once some owners pet and a loved animal. Now that it is sick and injured they get abandoned. However, animal volunteers like Mohan and Cathy make it a point to make a better tomorrow by compromising on their own well-being. Indeed, it is an honor to meet such selfless people and work with them. When all Singaporeans work together for a cause then these animals will all get a better life and food.

Non-profit Floral Arrangement Workshop

Our most recent give-back was held on the 1st of March, 2018. We conducted a floral workshop by collaborating with the Henderson-Dawson Supermummiesclub with an objective to ensure that the mommies in the low-income families of the club are benefited.

As part of celebrating the International Women’s Day (8 March) and to encourage the women folks that they can do better and more we went ahead and conducted this non-profit floral arrangement workshop. These experiences have been highly enriching and been an eye opener both to us and to the participants. It is a lot more than acknowledging, but also lifting a finger to help in our own backyard.


A team of some experienced professional florists at floral garage Singapore, conducted this successful workshop along with some volunteers from Henderson. The event was a hit and the women were taught to wrap and make an appealing bouquet.

We first arrived at the Well Learning Center. Then with the help of the volunteers we arranged the hall with necessary seating as per the comfort level available. We took the supplies like scissors, and other floral needs with us to the center.


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The floral scissors were set up in each table for each individual. The seating was arranged in a friendly fashion whereby each individual can learn and converse with each other. So an interactive class setting was adopted like the one on the picture below.

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The flowers that were brought were meticulously placed in an orderly fashion so as to avoid any chaos. Also the other floral needs like the wrap paper and ties were taken care of.

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Later a small brief about what and how to do was given by the head florist. the participants listened so attentively and that made the task even more simpler for us. The chief florist also did a brief demonstration of explaining each items and their usage so as to utilize them in a proper way.

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There wasn’t any racial disparity so one could see all races and age group women as our participants. There also were some families who attended the workshop with their families very enthusiastically despite their after-work hours! This indeed made us realize how important and seriously they have taken this.

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Once the items like flowers and the fillers were distributed to the participants, they willingly started to work on making floral arrangements as per the instructions provided. There was no hassle or anything whatsoever throughout the session. As mentioned earlier woman with different age groups participated and they were very easy going and attentive.


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They handled the flowers very gently and the florists were very patient with them. The women were so enthusiastic and eager to learn. The participants tried really hard and came out with some masterpieces like the one in the image below.

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However appreciations and a heart warming sign of acknowledgement to the work done must always be given. As this boosts the spirit and makes people do better. And the florist did not forget to acknowledge the people for their amazing creations.


Putting flowers together and tying them up can look pretty effortless, but it’s quite a tiring task especially for newbies who haven’t mastered the art of flower-preparation and flower-wrapping. With our professional team of florists, we managed to get them right and cast a smile on their pretty face.

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At the end of the session, they were surprised when they were given their bouquet for themselves. Flowers bring smile and a warm feeling and so did these hand-made bouquets!

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Future Opportunities for Collaboration

We welcome anyone who wants to collaborate and give back to society.

If you would like to take part in our philanthropic activities, just write in to us at





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