Methods to make the flowers last longer

Methods to make the Flowers Last Longer

Whenever you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers, naturally your first instinct is to place them in water. Thus, instead of getting a vase for the flowers, you hastily place the flowers into a clean bucket of water. Now, lets take a moment to reconsider all your options when comes to displaying flowers in your home and to methods to make the flowers last longer.

Finding the best vase

First things firsts, get an appropriate vase for the bouquet of flowers. The size and shape of the vase will be determined by how big the bouquet is. As for the choice of color for the vase, it will be determined by the color of your bouquet of blossoms and your home décor.

A classic-shaped vase is suitable for a larger bouquet, whereas a cylindrical vase is more appropriate for flowers with long stems. For flowers with short stems, you could use cube vases. And as for bud arrangements, slender bud vases would be a perfect fit.

You can even be more creative. Instead of using those traditional flower vases, you can use household items like teacups, watering cans, mason jars, and so on.

Choosing the best spot

In order to allow your fresh bouquet of flowers to maximize their effect, choosing the best spot is essential.

Large bouquets are more suitable to be placed in spacious rooms. Smaller flowers arrangement are more appropriate to be placed in smaller rooms such as the bathrooms, to brighten up the areas.

Flower care

But before you display your flowers, be mindful to trim the stem first and add some floral food in the water. This will ensure that your bouquet lasts longer. If your bouquet has roses, you have to remove their guard petals to allow the roses to open up faster.

Elements that you should keep your flowers away from are excessive heat, excessive cold, direct sunlight, and wind. If your bouquet if a little too big for your vase, do not squash the flowers. Instead, divide the bouquet and this would give you two arrangements.

If flowers are displayed in your kitchen, make sure to keep them away from fresh fruits. There are some fruits that release a gas that can cause flowers to wither faster.

Finally, water in the vase has to be changed regularly. Every now and then, don’t forget to trim the stems, and remove any plant material that has wilt or is going to wilt whenever you notice it.

Follow all these tips and I’m sure your flowers will look great and will last much longer! However, if you are looking for flowers or blossoms that can last especially long, you may ask your florist for recommendations on the seasonal bouquets.

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