Loyalty Rewards Programme!

Earning Conversion Rate:

$10 spent= 1 Rewards Point

Note: Amounts less than a full dollar will be rounded down, eg. $5.90 = 5 points

This conversion rate is relevant to the final amount paid by the customer after discount, and usage of points before purchase.

Spending Conversion Rate:

1 Rewards Point= $1 off your next purchase!

Floral Garage Singapore’s Loyalty Rewards Programme is here to thank you! We strongly believe in establishing long term relationships with our customers, and want to reward you for choosing us as your trusted choice always!

It may not make sense at first, but as a repeat customer, you enable us to conserve our resources such as time, energy and money. That is why every customer who trusts us is highly treasured.

We wish to pass these savings back to you as a reward! Floral Garage Singapore’s belief in sustainability has brought about the Loyalty Rewards Programme, in which we only take what we need but offer the rest to our customers for maximisation of value.


Step 1: Place an order on our website

Step 2: Create an account at checkout! There will be a prompt.

Step 3: Check the account. The points will automatically appear there.


Terms and Conditions

Floral Garage Singapore reserves the right to change, modify and/or terminate our Loyalty Rewards Programme, and/or any section of these Terms of Use or any policy, FAQ or guideline related to the Loyalty Rewards Programme at any time at our own discretion. Upon creation of your account, you are accepting these Terms of Use that apply to Loyalty Rewards Programme.


All points expire 1 year from their date of award. It is not Floral Garage Singapore’s responsibility to notify you about expiring or expired points.


Points awarded in the Loyalty Rewards Programme are only for personal use and cannot be used by others out of your personal account. Points earned from an order cannot be used to offset the price of the order itself. Loyalty Rewards Points cannot be exchanged for cash as well.