How Does Floral Garage SG Keep Their Prices Low?

You have seen our catalogue, and you have seen how we priced them. While we don’t dare to guarantee that our products are the cheapest in Singapore, it is definitely no secret our floral creations are one of the cheapest priced around!


Price Comparison 


We know that the style of the bouquet that each company makes may vary, especially when fillers and wrappers are concerned. However, a simple comparison of pricing based on the number of roses used in each bouquet will give a clear comparison. Our bouquets of roses are usually in multiples of 6, 12, or 24 roses. We have picked the top 4 florists when you Google ‘Singapore florist’, and singled them out based on their size.

Name of FloristBouquet with 6 Roses (SGD)Bouquet with 12 Roses (SGD)Average Price per Stalk (SGD)
Floral Garage Singapore34.90 – 48.9069.90 – 84.005.82 – 7.00
Florist A57.00 – 69.00$74.00 – $90.009.50 – 7.50
Florist B65.00 10.83
Florist C $85.007.08

The reason why the price may vary in each category varies could be due to certain factors such as the country of origin of the rose, and the quality and type of fillers and wrapper.


How about quality?


This is a question that can only our customers can answer. However, we can guarantee you that our creations match up with those of the big boys. At FloralGarageSG, we always deliver more than we advertise.

  • The best and freshest flowers
    We take pride in choosing the best and freshest flowers, and sometimes, when the fillers shown in our pictures are unavailable, we replace them with fillers that are of equal or greater value. FloralGarageSG takes pride in always delivering more value than what you paid for.
  • Our customers are our first priority
    Our customers are always our first priority, and believe it or not, we are willing to reduce our profit margin to give our customers what they need.
  • Professional bouquet design
    Our florists are all highly experienced and creative. When our customers order from us, they have the confidence that our floral creations are at least as nice as those showcased on our website. We will do everything we can to maintain the trust our customers have.
  • Personalized Service
    At FloralGarageSG, we treat every customer the same. No matter the size of your order, we will respond to any requests that you have. We welcome customizations and any other special needs you have.


Now, you would probably be asking yourself, ‘How does Floral Garage Singapore keep their prices so low without compromising on quality?’


1. The Big Advantage of Small Size

Floral Garage Singapore is a company using a ‘Small Office Home Office’ concept. Unlike traditional floral retailers, We are fortunate that we do not need to pay other high overheads every month. Conventional retailers have many expenses such as rental, salaries, vehicle maintenance, fuel, electricity, and high waste costs.

At Floral Garage Singapore, our workspace is small and simple. When we first started out, we already had all the facilities we needed (This was due to the fact that we were once floral hobbyists).The only thing we had to do was to put our heads together, be innovative, and create efficient work processes.

2. Efficient Pre-Order System

The efficient management of our resources also minimizes wastage. Our pre-order system, along with our order forecast analysis, have been instrumental in making this possible.

Traditional floral retailers have very high wastage costs as they have to store their flowers in refrigerators in order to meet the needs of walk-in customers. As we specialize in pre-orders, we have very low storage and wastage costs.

3. Automated Order Management

Currently, our operations are very automated and systematic. When customers place an order, be it manually or online, the order is updated on our online database.

This is different from traditional retailers who may require a cashier, a person to take calls, and sometimes  a coordinator to manage orders.

4. Doing it Ourselves

The team at Floral Garage Singapore are definitely not your traditional florists. Our small size allows us to do mostly everything ourselves. We handle calls, we pick up the flowers, we meet the customers, and we also create your bouquets. Our team members skills that allow us to build everything by ourselves. Delivery is the only element that is outsourced! Because of this, we are able to reduce the costs of hiring and transfer those savings to you.

5. A Large Heart for Customers

At FloralGarageSG, profit margin is secondary to us. We are first and foremost floral hobbyists dedicated to giving you the best that we can. We also believe that beautiful flowers should be available to everyone, both rich and poor.

  • Cost Price Pricing Strategy: We price our bouquets based on the cost price of our bouquets, rather than the amount of profit we can earn. That is why some different creations are priced at the same low prices.
  • Low Profit Margin: Our team at FloralGarageSG are dedicated floral hobbyists, and we do not think profits should be the priority in our business. Rather, satisfaction and fulfillment from serving our customers are our joy.


Low Prices, and maybe even a little better?


We believe that our unique position as a modern online Small Office Home Office retailer might make us even better than others.

  • Superior Customer Service
    Our Smaller size allows us to serve you better. We always tell our customers to ignore our Terms and Conditions and just tell us what they need!
  • Fresher Flowers
    As we buy flowers from our suppliers on a pre-order basis, most of our flowers never see the inside of a fridge. They are given to you fresh!
  • Dedicated and Motivated Staff
    As every single one of our staff has a stake in the business, we are dedicated to making your bouquets beautiful. Due to our smaller order volume, our professional florists have plenty of time to craft your bouquet to perfection.
  • Reliable Logistics
    As we personally handle logistics, our deliveries are extremely reliable due to our small scale and smaller order volume.



That’s all for today, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more blog posts!






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