Singaporean Graduation Gifts in 2018

During the graduation season, many parents and friends of graduates will rack their brains to think of what gifts to give to their graduating children or close friends, from the polytechnics or universities. You may think you would need to go to a Clementi florist to get a gift before heading to SIM University, but you might change your mind after reading this list!

We have come up with a list of graduation gifts received during the graduation ceremonies in the recent years. You can use this list for inspiration of what to get for a graduate, or what not to get (to stand out from the crowd).

Graduation Flowers

Soleil (S24)

$17.90, Soleil from Floral Garage Singapore

To start off, the most standard gift graduates usually receive are graduation bouquets. Different flowers have different meanings to convey different messages. The most common flowers used in a graduation bouquet are roses and sunflowers. However, in recent years, people have been opting for non-conventional flowers. Dried flowers like cotton and baby’s breath are increasing popular among the young due to them being longer lasting.

Big plush toy


Next, to be reminded of your gift every single night the recipient goes to bed, you can opt for a big plush toy. The big plush toy wards off the “monsters under the bed” and provides comfort for the graduate when they go to sleep at night. They may have graduated, but inside, they still need to be protected.  Big plush toys are the center of attention whether you are at a graduation ceremony or at a carnival. Everyone will be envious and want a big plush toy too!

Favourite plush toy

Fans of Harry Potter, rejoice! You can now “graduate” from Hogwarts while you graduate from your tertiary education! Floral Garage Singapore provides the graduation bouquet you need, as well as a Hogwarts teddy bear you can add as a gift! To add on, you can also download a Hogwarts certificate to present to your loved one!

If Harry Potter is not your type, you can also present to your loved one any plush toy that they prefer, like We Bare Bears or Winnie The Pooh!

From @seyommy on Instagram

Helium balloons

christmas balloons rudolph
christmas balloons rudolph


Besides being a great gift to feature in photos, helium balloon bouquets are great for the graduate to spot you in the sea of people after the graduation ceremony!

“I’m holding blue balloons!”

Instead of you looking for your loved one in the sea of graduates wearing the same coloured robes, they can look for you, by spotting the blue balloons you hold on your hand.

Custom helium balloons are also sold in some schools during the graduation period, where they can print the name of the graduate on the balloon on the spot.

After the graduate has the helium balloons floating in the house for a few days, he/she can inhale the helium and have some fun with their high pitched voice for a few minutes.

Vegetables from the supermarket

Delightful Vegetables (V00)

If you are cash tight and you want something quirky, you can opt for any of the vegetables in the supermarket. The most common types of vegetable given to graduates are broccoli and cauliflower as they look similar to a bouquet of flowers. Some even wrap the broccoli with other flowers in wrapping paper to beautify it!

What’s better is that the graduate can cook the vegetables for the celebration dinner afterward!

Chicken nugget bouquet

Due to the influence from international Valentine’s Day trends, girls who do not like flowers have stated their preference for chicken nuggets. The chicken nugget bouquet can be easily DIY-ed using a few skewers and kraft paper. However, I recommend that you do not stink up the graduation ceremony hall with the smell of nuggets, or present the graduate with a bouquet of cold, soggy nuggets. (Only gift this if it’s freshly fried.)

Flight tickets


For the more well-to-do parents that want to congratulate your child for graduating with a graduation trip, you can present them with flight tickets to a destination of their choice. Millennials value experiences over ownership of goods, and the experience to travel to a place in the world will be a memory they keep in their minds for a lifetime.



To celebrate the graduate being closer to entering the working world, you can buy a yearly planner for them to plan their schedule, or remember significant dates (birthdays, anniversaries). If the graduate is going to be busy working most of the time, let’s hope they remember to write down that they should free up their time to meet you once in a while.

Handmade cards


Pen your heartfelt words with a handmade card for the graduate. It is inexpensive, and does not need much time to make. Handmade cards can be easily made using a few pieces of coloured paper, coloured pens, and stickers! You can spice up the handmade card by including a few photos you took together on the card.

Photo collage


A photo collage is good if you are good friends with the graduate. If you have many memories together captured in photos, you can DIY a photo collage as a gift! Photo collages can come in the form of a scrapbook, a flip card, or glued on a large piece of corrugated board. Photo collages are a meaningful gift to remind the graduate of the many moments spent with you throughout the years you have known each other.

Same day bouquet from a Clementi florist?

If the graduand is graduating in the evening and you’ve got work in the morning, how are you going to get any gift for them before their graduation? No need to go searching for a Clementi mall florist before heading to the graduand’s school!

Head to Floral Garage Singapore and make your purchase, we will deliver it to Clementi for you. We provide same day delivery!

We are the best florist Clementi graduates can have, because you don’t have to look for us, we can deliver it to you whether you are at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore University of Social Sciences, SIM Global Education, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Polytechnic, or Singapore Institute of Technology!


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