Gift Ideas

Do you have your loved ones’ birthday coming up, looking for a house warming party gift or gift for any special occasion?

1. Colour Blocked Pots

IMG 3423

These handmade pots in assorted type of houseplants are perfect as indoor decorations!

2. DIY Terrarium Kit

Premium Terrarium DIY Kit 001Single Jar Closed DIY Terrarium Kit

Do you have friends or family that love to DIY, this is the perfect gift for them! We have the Premium Terrarium DIY kit that is good for two people and the Terrarium DIY kit, for one!

3. Succulent/ Cacti Terrarium
Succulent 1 e1467364089171

Less is more, this simple succulent in a glass jar is perfect on your working desk!. Most importantly, it requires minimal maintenance!

4. Other Terrariums

Rainforest 1

Do you prefer something more complex, consider other terrariums that we have, such as the Rainforest Garden, which is literally a rainforest brought close to you!


For more information on terrariums you may wish to visit our Terrarium page!

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