Edible Flowers Singapore and Their Unique Flavours

edible flowers Singapore

Cauliflower and broccoli are flowers that you can eat. There are many other flowers used in cooking worldwide, like in China, the Middle East, and India. These flowers not only look pretty but also add great flavors to dishes. Let’s discuss 10 edible flowers Singapore you can use in your cooking!

Things to Think About Before Eating Flowers

It’s important to keep in mind that although certain flowers are safe to eat, not all of them. Some flowers contain toxic parts that should be avoided, such as the honeysuckle discussed in the following section.

Also, it’s best to avoid eating flowers from places you’re not sure about, like picking them from outside or buying them from garden stores or florists. They might have been treated with chemicals that could be harmful. The safest choice is to enjoy flowers you’ve grown yourself or ones that are sold specifically for eating.


edible flowers

Bakers really like using lavender because it has a special smell and taste. It adds a flowery flavor to treats like pastries, macarons, ice cream, and éclairs. If you taste lavender closely, you might also notice hints of mint and lemon.


edible flowers

Hibiscus flowers are well-known for their tasty mix of sourness and sweetness. In cooking, people often use the outer part of the flower bud, called sepals, similar to how cranberries and raspberries are used. However, using whole hibiscus flowers can make drinks look pretty, especially cocktails that need a citrusy flavor.


edible flower

Many of us know about chrysanthemum tea, a light and fragrant drink that’s refreshing. But did you know that some types of these colorful flowers are used in salads too? People say their flavors can be very different, ranging from sweet to sharp, and even bitter to spicy.


edible flower Singapore

Roses also known as the queen of flowers. It comes in many colors and flavors. They can be sweet, spicy, or something in between. You can make teas, salads, cakes, spreads, and lots of other tasty things with the use of them. If you want stronger flavors, then you can also choose rose petals that are darker in color for your recipes.


edible flower

Sunflowers are not just about the seeds! From the leaves to the roots, every part of the plant is edible. You can experiment with cooking the flower buds or making jelly from the petals. Their mild nutty flavor and a hint of grassiness can bring a unique twist to your meals.


edible flowers Singapore

Many gardeners know mint as a popular herb with green leaves that are easy to grow. But did you know you can still use mint plants even when they’re flowering? Although flowering mint might make the leaves less strong in flavor, the flowers themselves still taste minty with some extra flavors. You can try adding sprigs of mint flowers to rich desserts like chocolate cakes or creamy cheesecakes for a tasty and refreshing twist.


edible flower Singapore

Besides making tea, you can also use chamomile flowers in cooking. These flowers are part of the daisy family and can be added to recipes like cookies, crepes, and popsicles. When you use whole flowers, they give your food a gentle, clean, and herbal flavor, while also adding soothing and healing properties.


edible flower Singapore

Can you believe it? The flowers people often give on Mother’s Day, carnations, are edible flowers Singapore! Surprisingly, you can turn the elegant and beautiful petals of carnation flowers into fancy things. For example, they’re used to make a French liqueur called Chartreuse and they’re also candied to decorate fancy desserts. Carnations, also known as dianthus, have a mix of sharp and sweet flavors that can be nice when used in small amounts. Just remember to take off the bottom part of the petals because they can taste bitter.


edible flower Singapore

Honeysuckle flowers have sweet nectar and pale petals that taste like honey. These flowers are used to make teas, syrups, and remedies for sore throats. Please note – be careful with honeysuckle berries—they can be harmful if you eat too many.


edible flower

Marigold edible flowers possess a distinct taste that appeals to certain individuals, while others may not find it as appealing. These edible flowers Singapore exhibit vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, and their flavor resembles that of tarragon, with subtle notes of sweetness, bitterness, and a delightful blend of citrus, pepper, and vanilla undertones. Some individuals may perceive a medicinal taste, which explains its common usage in gardens to repel pests. However, when combined with suitable ingredients such as in sandwiches, fritters, or cheesecakes, the unique flavor of marigold edible flowers Singapore can truly elevate the dish and make it exceptionally captivating!

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Closing Ideas

Discovering edible flowers Singapore adds beauty and special flavors to cooking. But, it’s important to be careful when choosing and using them. Not all flowers are safe to eat, and some can be poisonous. Always be cautious and choose wisely!

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