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Our First Floral Arrangement Workshop with the Disabled

  Floral arrangement can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. For most, the act of arranging flowers is artistically challenging; while for others, especially the disabled, it can be physically demanding. As part of our initiative to give back to society in ways we do best, we reached out to the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) […]

How To Down PES, and Why You Should Not

How To Down PES, and Why You Should Not   Disclaimer: This article should not be relied on as legal advice. It is solely the amateur opinion of one of your fellow comrade.   PES stands for Physical Employment Standards. Each person’s PES is assigned based on your current health condition, and is used to […]

Our Role in this Amazing Love Story (CSS of the Week #5)

Our Role in this Amazing Love Story Deliveries are always prone to being a source of unexpected problems. When our delivery team receives an uncommon delivery request, they always maintain an opened mind. However, the fact of the matter is that stress begins to develop within. We encountered a tricky situation during one of the […]

An Unusual Position (CSS of the Week #4)

This week, we find ourselves in an unusual position yet again! Our primary mission has always been to provide cheap and good flowers to the masses. There has been a similar situation before whereby we had to take on the role as a customer (when we went to another florist to purchase bloomed lilies to […]

Why we Rejected a Customer

The customer service story for this week will be slightly different. We have decided to be transparent and let people know of our failures together with our successes. We define a failure as having failed to meet our customers’ requirements. We have received hundreds of orders, and we are proud that we have not rejected […]

Customer Service Story #2 (31 July 2015)

Customer Service Story #2 (31 July 2015)-Jonah received a call from Mr. Potts, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, earlier this week. The call came in at around 10:00 p.m. and he sounded really urgent with regards to his order. He wanted a bouquet a bouquet of lilies and roses to be delivered the […]

Customer Service Story #1 (25 July 2015)

Customer Service Story #1 (25 July 2015) A few days ago, we got an overseas call very early in the morning. The customer was Rohit, a Singaporean who was living in Australia. Rohit’s wife and son, both living in Singapore, shared the same birthday and he wanted to give them something amazing. He thought that […]

How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Using flowers is one of the oldest methods in the world to spruce up one’s home, or to present as a gift to show love, care, gratitude, or appreciation. It is deemed as effortless and enjoyable to some, and it could prove to be quite a chore to others. Whatever the purpose or occasion is, […]