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The 3 Amazing Modern Alternatives To Poinsettias

The 3 Amazing Modern Alternatives To Poinsettias Whether you like it or not, you cannot escape seeing poinsettias plants during this time of the year. I’m sure at some point, you have sent your friends a fresh bouquet of blooms. And when it comes to Christmas and New Year seasons, sending flowers still makes one […]

Easy tricks to keep pets away from plants

Easy tricks to keep Pets away from plants- Why is it important to keep pets away from plants? First of all, to all pet owners and lovers out there, you shouldn’t have to face the situation where you have to choose between a bouquet of fresh flowers and your beloved pet dog at home. However, […]

Methods to make the flowers last longer

Methods to make the Flowers Last Longer Whenever you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers, naturally your first instinct is to place them in water. Thus, instead of getting a vase for the flowers, you hastily place the flowers into a clean bucket of water. Now, lets take a moment to reconsider all your options […]

How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Using flowers is one of the oldest methods in the world to spruce up one’s home, or to present as a gift to show love, care, gratitude, or appreciation. It is deemed as effortless and enjoyable to some, and it could prove to be quite a chore to others. Whatever the purpose or occasion is, […]

5 Ways to Choosing Fresh Flowers!

5 Ways to Choosing Fresh Flowers! Creating a floral arrangement or bouquet for someone from scratch is probably one of the most sincere gifts ever. That being said, i’m sure you would want only the best and freshest flowers to be used! Here’s a useful 5 step guide to choosing them: The petals and leaves […]