An Unusual Position (CSS of the Week #4)

This week, we find ourselves in an unusual position yet again! Our primary mission has always been to provide cheap and good flowers to the masses. There has been a similar situation before whereby we had to take on the role as a customer (when we went to another florist to purchase bloomed lilies to construct a bouquet for Mr. Potts). This time, we took on the quest to be customers in search of a very special bear.

A Customisation Request

Karen approached Floral Garage Singapore to create a customised bouquet for the graduation ceremony of her sister and we had no problems in fulfilling her request. However, she took some time to confirm her order as she was still busy browsing through our product catalogue, and I could sense that she was far from satisfied.

Our Lack of Variety

When I asked her what she was looking for, she told me that she wanted a graduation bear. All of our soft toys are generic plush bears and a graduation bear is something we do not have. I somehow felt bad that she possibly had to search for a bear elsewhere. Furthermore, it is a Floral Garage mission to ensure that all customers are satisfied.

Remedying the Problem

I decided to go the extra mile by searching for a wholesaler that could provide us with a bear that would best fit her requirements. That way, I could provide her a bear at the lowest possible cost, and enjoy the benefits of increasing the variety of our Soft Toy collection.

Soon, she came back to me with a picture of a bear in a retail shop that she felt her sister would love very much. Without hesitation, I offered to get it for her the following day. We then attached the bear to the bouquet before having it delivered to her.

How Floral Garage Singapore and YOU Will Benefit from this Story

In every organisation, there is always room for improvement and growth. We have always had huge plans to make Floral Garage Singapore the one stop destination for your gift and party supply needs, and this experience has created greater urgency on this matter.

We have expedited our sourcing process to increase the variety of our products and we cannot wait to show you the end result! We are also in talks with some polytechnics and universities, with the hope to create a partnership that would allow us to provide you with a more affordable option to high quality and lovely graduation gifts!

In the coming months, be prepared to see more adorable plush bears, assorted gifts, beautiful packages, and amazing supplies for your party!


Thank you for reading!


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