Customer Service Story #1 (25 July 2015)

Customer Service Story #1 (25 July 2015)

A few days ago, we got an overseas call very early in the morning. The customer was Rohit, a Singaporean who was living in Australia. Rohit’s wife and son, both living in Singapore, shared the same birthday and he wanted to give them something amazing. He thought that a wonderful bouquet would be the perfect gift.

Rohit explained the rather difficult situation he was in. Floral Garage Singapore was not the first florist he had called. He had initially tried contacting the first few florists he found on Google, thinking that they must be the best. However, most of the florists would not pick up calls from an overseas number. The ones that did pick up his calls were not very responsive to his customization requests, and could not help him make a pin point delivery due to their company policies. (Most Florists only allow you to select a time window for them to make your delivery; e.g. 1-5pm, 5-8pm and so on). Rohit had many questions and special requests that none of the florists would entertain. After many attempts, Rohit finally chanced upon our website.

We spoke for more than 20 minutes on the phone. We listened to his story, and told him we could meet all his requests. Even though we usually charge $15 for pin point delivery timings, we told Rohit that we would be willing to help him free of charge. At this point, it wasn’t about delivery policies or profits. Our customer needed our help, and we were willing to break every single one of our rules to help him celebrate his wife and son’s birthdays. As Rohit did not have WhatsApp, we communicated through a series of emails after which he placed an order with us.

We delivered his bouquet to his family just yesterday. To some florists, this would just be a regular bouquet delivery earning a small profit; but to us, it was what we started out to do. We felt elated and fortunate to have been able to bless Rohit’s family with our service. We had made a difference in their lives, put a smile on their faces; and that is something that cannot be measured in numbers.

And that is what Floral Garage Singapore is all about.

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