Save Money on Flowers in Singapore

Let me start by asking you these questions. Which one has longer life, Roses or Orchids? Is a pre-arrangement floral bouquet more worth it or should you consider putting together your own bunch of blooms?

Save Money on Flowers in Singapore

Here are some tips that we gathered that could help consumers to choose inexpensive flowers without having to burn a hole in one’s pocket.

Pick Flowers That Last

If you provide proper care, sunflowers and Gerberas can last up to 2 weeks and orchids up to 3 weeks. If you want something even more long lasting, Anthuriums can last up to 1 month. So a word of advice, make these perennial flowers the main focus among the floral arrangement for a longer and lasting bouquet.

As opposed to these perennial flowers, roses can only last for 2 to 5 days. If you don’t mind spending more time to make them last longer, you can cut the rose stems at a correct angle. Do it using a sterile blade. Then be mindful to change the water everyday. That should help your flowers to last longer.


Be Unconventional

Give up popular choices. Who says roses and lilies are always the best? Orchids and Gerbaras are beautiful too. Sunflowers can put a smile to someone’s face. Carnations are extremely versatile, they go well with almost any flowers. If you want cheap carnations bouquet, we at floral garage provide them.

One tip to take note of is that long lasting flowers are cheaper because their prices hardly change. One example is sunflower. The sunflower bouquets usually cost slightly cheaper than the rose bouquets.


Pad Up with Hardy Flowers and Leaves

Waxflowers, baby’s breath and statice dry and maintain their colors and shapes well. So you can consider getting some hypericum berries to add rosiness and texture to your floral arrangement. If you find your bouquet lacking fullness and lushness, add some ruscus leaves. That should help your bouquet to look abloom!


Make Your Own

If you have the time, assemble your own bouquet using all of the tips above. While pre-determined bouquets are good for last minute occasions and will have the expert creative touches of the florist, putting together your own will not only allow customization, it will also show the amount of thought you’ve put in.

Of course to show more sincerity and if you have the time, create your own bouquet while applying all the tips mentioned above. I agree that readymade bouquets that you can get from any floral shops are awesome for last minute occasions and they have the creative touches of the florists, but making one yourself not only allow customization, it also shows the receiver how much thought and determination you’ve put in.

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