5 Ways to Choosing Fresh Flowers!

5 Ways to Choosing Fresh Flowers!

Creating a floral arrangement or bouquet for someone from scratch is probably one of the most sincere gifts ever. That being said, i’m sure you would want only the best and freshest flowers to be used! Here’s a useful 5 step guide to choosing them:

  1. The petals and leaves must be firm

    Place your fingers on the stem of the flower, and slowly stroke it till the end of the petal. It should feel firm and spirited. Reject them if they feel loose, flabby, or unfirm. The leaves should also appear firm and green. Reject flowers with leaves that are hanging or if you can spot speckles. Speckles imply that the flower is not healthy. Do also reject flowers if their leaves have holes. This is evidence to the fact that the flower could have been infested with insects. 

  2. The petals must be bright

    The petals must not look faded. You are highly recommended to reject them if the petals seem to be wilting or developing a dull brownish colour at the edges. 

  3. Choose flowers that have not yet fully bloomed

    Selecting flowers that are fully opened means that they are now at their peak and would not last as long as flowers with buds that are just starting to open. Your flowers that have yet to bloom will slowly start to open within 3 days. The end of their stems should be submerged in a container of water. 

  4. Availability of seeds

    Should seeds or pollen be present within the centre of the flower, we can conclude that the flowers were cut when they were past its peak. Reject them because these flowers will not last as long as you probably would desire them to. 

  5. Ensure that the water is changed regularly

    Take a peep into the pail or container that the flowers are in. Murky or dirty water suggests that the water is not being changed regularly. The part of the stem that is exposed to the water will be prone to rotting. This also expedites the growth of bacteria and it will have a negative impact towards the health of the flower. Do also be sure to remove any dying leaves that will be in contact with the water.


Final Words

Now that you know how to select your flowers, stay tuned for our next article, on how to help your flowers last long! That’s all we have for today 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!


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