5 Gifts for the Nature Loving Father

With Father’s Day fast approaching, everyone is scrambling to get the perfect gift for the best man in their lives. It’s high time to reconsider your gift choices for the modern nature loving father, ditch the tie clips and coffee mugs and check these creative earth friendly gifts.



What’s more manly than a plant that eats meat? This Venus Fly Trap will be the best gift for the manliest father, the 6 small fly trap heads move ever so slightly through the day snapping up small bugs or insects. Keep your air and room clean while enjoying this little muderous plant. Ron Swanson approved.




Who says only Mom wants flowers; get Dad a camo inspired bouquet with green fillers, snow leaves and nature shade leafy greens. Stylish, simple and unique!


A small window-side plant that is prickly and hard on the outside but soft and utilitarian on the inside? This Cactus plant is the ultimate tribute to the modern nature loving father.


Does Dad have a green thumb and love to cook? This bouquet is for him, the bright and vibrant vegetables put together in a wonderful arrangement that can be cooked as well. This gift is practical and beautiful, works well with any father with a wicked sense of humour


  • Citronella, lavender, lemongrass, aloe vera, eucalyptus


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