The 3 Amazing Modern Alternatives To Poinsettias

The 3 Amazing Modern Alternatives To Poinsettias

Whether you like it or not, you cannot escape seeing poinsettias plants during this time of the year. I’m sure at some point, you have sent your friends a fresh bouquet of blooms. And when it comes to Christmas and New Year seasons, sending flowers still makes one of the best gift choice. The Floral Garage Singapore is an awesome Christmas/New Year/Valentine’s Day gift for your friends or loved ones for the upcoming party or celebration. Flowers will make a lovely presentation and even a lousy person can handle these affordable yet easily maintainable flowers a wonderful presentation. Just put them in a vase filled with water and leave them on. No matter what shape or colors the flowers have, you can trust Floral Garage Singapore to craft a beautiful bouquet specially for the occasion and recipient.

Let’s explore some of the lovely flowers that are available other than Poinsettias.


Not only sophisticated and elegant, it is as brightly colored as poinsettia plants. With proper care, amaryllis plants can be kept on good shape and condition for years. If you find all red a little boring, rest assured. These plants come in all sorts of colors! Yes they are different colored flowers. There’s orange, pink and white apart from red. They are also dual colored like half pink and half of them white. Cute little flowers that decorate and make your living room a wonderful and bright space to be in.


However, this plant species can be quite expensive when purchased from a nursery. Thus, you can try growing them using a container. Though they are slightly on the higher edge, they are easily maintainable and live long. So with a proper environment you can expect them to grow and stay for years. As they produce gorgeous colored flowers throughout the year, they can be treasured and consider it as an one time investment and forget about buying flowers.

They look elegant on your dinner table as well, so try growing these plants in a decorated vase rather than a pot or a container. Trim the plants and water them regularly just like any others and you will have a lovely plant

Ornamental Peppers

Am I the only one that think these ornamental pepper plants have those dark green leaves with colorful peppers that resembles the  tree lights or the new year lights? These peppers usually start out green then eventually they turn to red. Give them more light, they will become more colorful. However, do take note that these peppers are edible, but they are very hot, so keep your pets and kids further away from these plants. You can keep them beside your Television set or your work desk and they make a beautiful arrangement. How about keep them on your living room or your tea table at your yard! They will look lovely and mesmerizing. Sure it would be a hit!



This eye-catching plant resembles tranquillity and peace. However, this plant can cause container to topple over as the top gets heavier as the grow. One solution to tackle this problem is to pour out the water in the pot with your traditional gravel-and-water mixture when your paperwhite bulbs start to show roots, and replace it with mixture of water with 4 to 6 percent alcohol. This would help to reduce their growth with prevent the plants from toppling over.


Sending these flowers to your friends and loved ones on this season is an incredible way to wish them all the best in everything and telling them how much you care for them!


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