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How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Using flowers is one of the oldest methods in the world to spruce up one’s home, or to present as a gift to show love, care, gratitude, or appreciation. It is deemed as effortless and enjoyable to some, and it could prove to be quite a chore to others. Whatever the purpose or occasion is, […]

5 Ways to Choosing Fresh Flowers!

5 Ways to Choosing Fresh Flowers! Creating a floral arrangement or bouquet for someone from scratch is probably one of the most sincere gifts ever. That being said, i’m sure you would want only the best and freshest flowers to be used! Here’s a useful 5 step guide to choosing them: The petals and leaves […]

Flowers for Birthdays, and its Meanings

Traditionally, people tend to place more emphasis on their 18th, 21st, or 50th birthday, as these numbers represent significant milestones in one’s life. However, regardless of age and year, planning for, and the birthday celebration itself, is always a joyous time for all involved. The Ideal Birthday Gift What ideas for a birthday gift can be […]

How Does Floral Garage SG Keep Their Prices Low?

You have seen our catalogue, and you have seen how we priced them. While we don’t dare to guarantee that our products are the cheapest in Singapore, it is definitely no secret our floral creations are one of the cheapest priced around!   Price Comparison    We know that the style of the bouquet that each company […]

A Gift of Flowers

We have always gave flowers as gifts, but what do they really mean to us? Find out more! “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” Luther Burbank, American Botanist. Flowers as Gifts In our lives, we will find many occasions in our lives where […]