10 Lovely Things to Do on Father’s Day Singapore

10 Lovely Things to Do on Father's Day Singapore

A unique opportunity to recognize and appreciate the dads and father figures in our lives is Father’s Day every year. With its dynamic culture, varied sights, and several daily activities, Singapore provides the ideal setting for making special memories with your dad. Every parent may find something to love in Singapore, whether it is peaceful activities, fine dining, or outdoor excursions. To make your Father’s Day Singapore unforgettable, this article will walk you through 10 wonderful activities.

At Tiong Bahru Bakery for breakfast


Tiong Bahru Bakery is famous for its mouthwatering pastries and handmade bread. It’s a terrific spot to enjoy an extensive breakfast before Father’s Day Singapore. It’s an excellent spot for a peaceful morning because of its attractive décor and warm atmosphere. The helpful personnel also guarantees a great ingesting trip.

Signature Dishes

  • Croissants: Flaky, buttery, and just cooked.
  • Kouign-Amann: special with a salty and sweet taste.
  • Coffee: Perfectly made with skill.

Examine the Park by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is a modern park featuring impressive architecture and sceneries. It’s ideal for taking your dad on an informal walk. The park offers a distinctive and instructive environment because of its creative design and varied plant life. In addition, the Supertree Grove’s evening light displays are a wonderful sight.

Key Attractions

  • Supertree Grove: Iconic tree-like structures with sky bridges.
  • Cloud Forest: A big indoor waterfall in a chilly, foggy atmosphere.
  • Flower Dome: The biggest glass greenhouse in the world.

Take a River Safari

Celebrate Father's Day Singapore River Safari
Celebrate Father’s Day Singapore River Safari


Viewing a range of freshwater and terrestrial critters is a unique experience at River Safari, the first and sole water-themed nature park in Asian countries. You may visit some of the most well-known rivers in the world through its interactive displays. An excellent time for guests of all ages, the park also provides boat trips that let visitors interact closely with the animals.

Exhibits You Must See

  • Giant Panda Forest: where Jia Jia and Kai Kai reside.
  • Amazon Flooded Forest: An impressive underwater exhibit.
  • Manatee Mania: Watch these gentle giants swim gracefully.

Go to the East Coast Park and Have a Picnic


The east coast of Park, with its gorgeous shoreline and abundant vegetation, is a well-liked destination for family vacations. The vast network of routes within the park is ideal for running or cycling. There are hundreds of beachside BBQ pits, which make it the perfect place for a family barbecue.


  • Cycling: Rent bikes and ride along the scenic paths.
  • Barbecue: Book a pit and enjoy a BBQ with your dad.
  • Beach Sports: Play frisbee or volleyball, or unwind at the water’s edge.

Celebrate Father’s Day Singapore National Museum.


A thorough examination of Singapore’s rich history and culture may be found in the National Museum to Celebrate Father’s Day Singapore. Its multimedia exhibits and immersive exhibitions bring the past back to life. The museum’s distinctive exhibits and activities give guests an engaging and dynamic experience.


  • Singapore History Gallery: Chronicles the nation’s development.
  • Modern Colony: shows 1920s and 1930s life.
  • Singapore Living Galleries: includes photography, cinema, cuisine, and fashion.

Have Lunch at Maxwell Food Centre


One of many well-known food courts in Singapore is Maxwell Food Centre, which offers an extensive selection of delicious regional cuisines. The diverse array of food sellers and lively environment are characteristics of the dynamic local culture. If you want to try real Singaporean food, you have to visit this place.

Foods You Must Try

  • Tender chicken is paired with flavorful rice in Hainanese chicken rice.
  • Char Kway Teow is stir-fried noodles topped with prawns and Chinese sausage.
  • Fresh sugarcane juice is a cool beverage that goes well with any meal.

Discover Sentosa Island


There are many fun things to discover on Sentosa Island for individuals of all ages. Beautiful beaches, thrilling theme parks, or absorbing cultural events—everyone may find something to enjoy. Because of its exciting surroundings and breathtaking nature, the island is also a fantastic place for parents and adventure seekers.

Key Attractions

  • Universal Studios Singapore: Savor exhilarating rides and performances.
  • S.E.A. Aquarium: One of the world’s largest aquariums.
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark: A calm river and exhilarating slides.

Unwind at a Spa


Give your dad a calming spa day. There are a lot of opulent spas in Singapore that provide different services. These spas offer everything from calming spas to revitalizing facials. In addition, the calm atmosphere and attentive service guarantee your dad a luxurious vacation.

Recommended Spas

  • Banyan Tree Spa: renowned for providing holistic care.
  • ESPA: provides a variety of wellness treatments.
  • Remède Spa: Luxurious treatments with high-end products.

A meal in Marina Bay Sands


Numerous dining options with breathtaking views of the town landscape are accessible at Marina Bay Sands. Every palette may be delighted by anything, whether the rule is exotic flavors, informal fare, or fine dining cuisine. The restaurant’s sophisticated atmosphere and professional service further enhance the eating encounter, turning it into a special gift for your dad.

Top Restaurants

  • Spago by Wolfgang Puck: upscale eating with an expansive view.
  • CUT by Wolfgang Puck: A renowned steakhouse.
  • LAVO: A rooftop bar and Italian restaurant.

Father’s Day Bouquets

Father's Day Bouquets
Father’s Day Bouquets

Add the elegance of a flower bouquet to your Father’s Day celebration arrangements to make it even more memorable. Fresh flowers have a certain quality that makes each event feel more special. Floral Garage is the only place to go in Singapore if you’re searching for the ideal floral touch. Floral Garage Singapore is the pinnacle of floral expertise, known for its exquisite arrangements and flawless service. They guarantee that your present will arrive on time, full of beauty and charm, because they only use the freshest flowers and offer simple same-day delivery. This Father’s Day, let their captivating smell and brilliant colors create memories you and your dad will not soon forget.

Watch the Spectra Light and Water Show


As the day draws close, take in a breathtaking display of light, water, and music at Marina Bay Sands’ Spectra Light and Water Show. Enjoy the precisely synchronized dancing fountains that erupt against the backdrop of the city skyline. You’ll never tire of this captivating experience from your Father’s Day celebration in Singapore.

Show Highlights

  • Four-Part Story: The show tells a story through light and sound.
  • Stunning Visuals: A symphony of water jets, laser lights, and projections.
  • Free Admission: It’s easily accessible, which makes it the ideal way to wrap toward Father’s Day.


With so plenty of things to do available, Father’s Day Singapore can be an amazing experience. Every parent may find something to love, from peaceful excursions to gastronomic pleasures and outdoor thrills. Explore these wonderful activities with your dad on Father’s Day to make connections that will stay with you forever.


Are reservations necessary for Father’s Day dinner at Marina Bay Sands restaurants?

For your Father’s Day meal, it is extremely recommended that you make reservations, especially for prominent restaurants like LAVO, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, and Spago by Wolfgang Puck, where you can guarantee a table with a view.

Is it permissible for me to pack a picnic lunch on Father’s Day in East Coast Park?

You are allowed to bring drinks and a picnic meal to East Coast Park. However, bookings for the barbecue pits are required, and they may be done online through the National Parks Organization site.

Is there a charge to enter the Marina Bay Sands’ Father’s Day Spectra Light and Water Show?

No, it’s free to see what the Spectra Light and Water Show, which makes it an ideal way to round off your Father’s Day festivities in Singapore. Just go to Marina Bay Sands’ Event Plaza to see the performance.

Is it safe for me to purchase entry tickets to celebrate Father’s Day Singapore Universal Studios and Adventure Cove Waterpark on Father’s Day?

You may purchase tickets for Adventure Cove Waterpark and Universal Studios Singapore online or at the relevant ticket booths on Sentosa Island. To prevent long lines, it is suggested to purchase tickets in advance, particularly during busy times.

What is the age limit to ride the River Safari boats on Father’s Day?

The River Safari boat tours don’t have any age limitations; however, kids have to ride with adults. When making travel plans, it’s essential to check the park’s website or ask at the ticket counter about any height limits that may apply to certain rides for safety reasons.

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